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Like many other women, during my teenage years I struggled with food. I grew up in a very health-conscious family, playing sports and living a very active life. Even though I was at a healthy weight I thought I didn’t look good enough (good enough for what? right?).

The time passed and I moved from my hometown (Caracas, Venezuela) to the United States to get my master’s degree, that’s when the real shock came. Living alone for the first time in a foreign country took a toll on my body. I began to binge in unhealthy foods and then go for 6 + mile runs. I used to drink alcohol like the world was going to end and then eat some more because my brain was not thinking clearly. My skin started to change and I was definitely not happy with the way I looked but, more importantly, with the way I felt.

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Since I found Claudia on Instagram I lost 80 Lbs. in a year. The biggest change I’ve experienced since I started working with her two months ago is that my clothes are looser on me, the bloating has reduced and my insides feel better. She has definitely helped me work towards these goals by having our bi-monthly calls and by providing all the tools that make the information enjoyable and easy to understand.

Kayla Barnes, 50

Banker. Atlanta, GA.
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    During this 6-month program we’ll work together to make sustainable lifestyle changes that will lead to a happier and healthier YOU!

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    This plan focuses on improving your eating habits and your physical activity. I'll give you the necessary tools so you can look and feel your best!

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    The grocery store tour is for individuals and groups. It consists of a one-hour tour through the grocery or health store of your choice!