Rails to Trails Ultra 2014

When I asked people who completed this race last year about it, everybody kept saying: “it was very foggy!” So, I woke up on race day and there it was… the FOG! The temperature was nice, but when I got to Fort Pulaski I felt I was freezing (and of course I was wearing short shorts and a lil tank top while everyone else was wearing long sleeves, but it was ok)


Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce that I’m not a Thanksgiving virgin anymore 🙂

Yesterday we had the most wonderful day. Bobby and I woke up at 6:45 am, had our lime water and got ready to go to the Turkey Trot to run 4 miles in a 30 degree weather (-1F). It was a beautiful winter morning with not even one cloud in the sky… perfect for Bobby’s first race!

Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon 2013

As I mentioned on a previous post my running goal for the end of 2013 was to PR in a half marathon during the Fall. I thought it was a good goal because, since I was getting married, moving to a different state, traveling with my husband and starting to study towards my health coach certification, training for a half marathon was going to require less time than training for a bigger race.

Thanks Aldo!

Last week was great! Tons of things going on at work, a lot of GOOD cooking and a cold but very friendly 3.5 mile race.

After the Boston Marathon I haven’t been running as much. That usually happens to me after a big race: I feel I need a break and start switching up my workouts (this time I started lifting weights more than usual). The tragic events that occurred on 04/15/13 have probably played a big role into my “lack” of running.