Vegetarian Pizza + Publix Giveaway

I’m so excited that Spring is almost here, and that means that race season is about to start! After running 2 marathons in less than 3 weeks last Fall I’ve taken a break from running but now I’m ready to get back into it and it feels GOOD.

Honestly I haven’t planned my racing schedule for the year yet but the only certain thing in my future is that I’m participating in the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon & 5K. Last year I set my half marathon PR on this beautiful race with a time of 1:40:29, which I know it’ll be really hard to beat, especially after taking off over 2 months from running.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.23.42 PM

Nuts About Nut Milk

Dairy free milk alternatives have become more and more popular… Not just because they are healthier and lower in calories but also because a lot of people are discovering that they maybe have lactose intolerance.

For example, about a year ago I discovered that I get serious breakouts every time I eat any dairy, especially cheese… I know! It’s terrible because cheese is delicious but every time I dig in I know what I’m going to be facing a few days later.


Italian Dressing

This past Sunday we had friends over for dinner. Bobby wanted to make some steak and salad and, of course, I wanted that to be the stuffing of my arepas!

Usually I use olive oil and vinegar as a dressing for my salads and he uses italian or sometimes caesar dressing. I’m super picky with dressings because, as you may know by now, I don’t like mayo at all….

photo 1

Asparagus And Mushroom Black Rice Risotto

Yesterday we finally got a much needed girls night that we’ve been talking about for months!

My beautiful friends Sarah and Ashley got to my house around 6 p.m. where we talked, cooked and drank wine… By the time we decided to get off the table we realized it was midnight!

I really love how when you are really enjoying yourself you loose all sense of time and space because you are so happy and present that basically nothing else matters!


Goat Cheese And Caramelized Walnuts Salad

Today we started the day “doing good” by going to the Tunnel To towers Run in Savannah… but that will be a different post that’ll come tomorrow as a race recap!

For now, I didn’t want to go to bed without sharing with you the recipe of the Goat Cheese And Caramelized Walnuts Salad that I promised earlier through my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts!


Today is National Running Day!!!

No matter how fast or slow you are, if you run or jog, if you can go for 0.1 mile or 100 miles just lace up your shoes and GO for a RUN!!! Set an intention for the day and conquer the pavement!!! You still have around 14 hours to GO! Take a break during lunch or go after work… Even if it’s just for 10 minutes!