Good training + nutrition + gear = great race!

I can’t believe that the 2nd edition of the Publix Savannah Women’s Half & 5K is almost here! It seems like it was yesterday when a big group of women flooded the streets of historic Savannah with one common goal: get across that finish line.

It was a great day for me. The temperature was perfect, the azaleas were blooming and I PR… What else can one ask?

It seems like this year it’ll be hotter but that’s one of the many factors we can’t control when race day comes. So instead of focusing on that, let’s focus on what we can control like, for example, nutrition, training and gear.

As I’ve mentioned around here before the biggest nutrition tip I can give you is to never try anything new on race day, this can be a recipe for disaster. Also do a speed training session every week, make time to recover and get some carbs in the night before if you are running the half.

Now let’s talk about gear, another important factor you can control. The biggest advice I can give you in this area is don’t wear anything new on race day. If you do you’ll be running the risk of chafing, getting blisters, and some other not very fun stuff.

I love planning my race outfits and making fun combinations. Athletic fashion can be so much fun! If you know me you shouldn’t be surprised reading that I love bright colors… There’s something about them that just make me happy and, if I’m happy, I tend to run faster 🙂

IMG_2085      Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.03.44 AM

          Before and during last year’s race… Told you about the colors!

This year I won’t get my race shirt until a week before the big day so I’ll probably be able to run in it only once to make sure it fits right. This is because since I’m going to be pacing the 2:30 group (remember?) I have to wear a pacer t-shirt that won’t be in until then… I feel so special and grateful for this opportunity! I’m sure the mandatory shirt will be great because usually they have fun colors and also the fabrics that New Balance uses for their running tops are very soft.

Talking about fun and bright colors, look at my new shoes! I was so excited when I got them in the mail! I’m very picky with shoes… I guess any runner is. I’ve tried so many brands and models and always end up getting the same that I know work for me.


This is my first time trying New Balance’s fresh foam and wow, I’m in love! Not only the design and colors of their shoes are super pretty but this one also has everything I love: enough room in the front and some cushioning but at the same time they are super light and have a minimalist feeling. I’ve already taken them out for a few runs and can’t wait to wear them on race day!

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