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I’m convinced that everything happens for a reason. The people we meet, the situations we find ourselves in, the places we live… EVERYTHING that comes into our lives has a purpose.

Over a month ago I received an e-mail from Devan, the face behind of LEAF+ROOT, telling me how much she enjoyed reading my posts and that she wanted to send me some of her products for me to try because she felt they were aligned with my philosophy of eating/living as close to the earth as possible.

I took a look at her website and loved the holistic approach of her brand (all the products are handcrafted with 100% natural products. Think organic herbs, local beeswax and oils).

Like we all know the only person who can take care of your body is YOU. This is not just about exercising or eating natural good-for-you foods, but also about what you put in your skin since this is our bodies’ largest organ.

I thought it’d be fun to give it a try so a few days later, I got a super cute box with an organic lavender comfort pack, an herbal vapor rub and an herbal skin remedy. It all looked so pretty and smelled so good!

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For the past month I’ve been using them and absolutely love them so I wanted to share with you my experience (as a disclosure I just share stuff with you that I genuinely like and enjoy so I’m not being monetary recompensed for any of my recommendations)

Comfort Pack: this pillow is filled with rice and lavender, which gives it a very soothing aroma that will cover your whole room. You can use it cold (freeze it) or warm (heat it in the microwave) to relieve pains, relax, etc.

I’m not sure if I’ve shared this with you but I suffer of really bad headaches/migraines very often. I’m still figuring out what triggers them but I always put ice on my head to relieve the pain. This time I tried the cold pillow and it worked wonders! And since I’m training for a triathlon I’ve been using it in my legs and shoulders to relax them so they don’t feel as stiff the next day when I go back to the pool or road to train

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Herbal Vapor: going back to the headaches; chinese menthol is another thing I usually rub on my temples and in the back of my ears to relieve the pain. This herbal vapor is pretty similar but it makes me happy to know that every single ingredient used to make it is completely natural.

With the change of season and the pollen, I’ve also been rubbing some of it between my nose and my lips to clear my nose when the allergies hit. It seems that this would be great for muscle pain too so I’ll have to try it in my legs after my next long workout.

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Herbal Skin Remedy: last, but not least, I’ve been using this ointment on my face. I can have several reactions to dairy on my skin so I’ve been using this to alleviate them and it seems to be working pretty well. It’s been awesome using it after shaving/waxing to relieve the skin and avoid irritations.

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If you live in the Savannah area, you can find LEAF+ROOTS products at Mathes Land & Cattle Co. or you can always order from the comfort of you couch through their website.

These are definitely awesome local products at a very reasonable prize… the type of business we should all support so they can grow and we can all have access to natural sustainable body and skin care! Thanks so much Devan!

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