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Fall is finally arriving down here… can you believe that when I went for my run this morning it was 64F? The humidity is still pretty intense but at least the temperature dropping helps a little bit!

This week was very productive for me. I got a lot of things done around the house, spent some quality time with friends, didn’t miss a training session and worked on a project that you’ll be hearing about soon (watch out Savannahians!)

On a different note, I feel I’ve been eating too much lately… yes, most of it is healthy food (with the exception of a huge bag of Caramelcorn & Cheesecorn mix from Nuts On Clark that Bobby brought me from Chicago!) but I feel I’m completely full 24/7… maybe is anxiety? I need to start paying more attention to this.

Anyhow, I’m here to share with you about my training, which I already know is going to be less intense this upcoming week with the exception of a 20-mile run I have to squeeze in at some point!

MONDAY: 6 miles with the girls @9:00/mile

TUESDAY: Iron Bodies at the Y + Power Hour Yoga at SPY

WEDNESDAY: 7 miles @8:54/mile (hill repeats 8×0.25 mi.)

THURSDAY: Tabatha Intervals at the Y

FRIDAY: 7 miles with Kelly @9:11/mile

SATURDAY: 3 miles @7:10/mile at the YMCA Heart of Savannah 5K

SUNDAY: 12.18 miles on the bridge with the Savannah Striders @8:50/pace

TOTAL MILEAGE: 35.18 miles


I have a VERY busy and long week ahead of me so we’ll see how training goes!

I’ll talk to you soon CHIC@S!


* Bridge picture taken from the US Army Corps of Engineers

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