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MWM 08

I can’t believe all the hard work is behind me and that I just have 5 days to go until race day!

This week was pretty similar to the past ones: work with clients, dinner with friends, training and no wine drinking … yes, NO drinking! This time I decided I was going to cut alcoholic drinks 2 weeks before race day and I’ve been doing good… I just cheated on Saturday at a Halloween party with one beer!

BTW I never go to Halloween parties but this one was hilarious… I stayed just for a little bit because I had to wake up early the next day to run the bridge with the group but it was inspiring to see how people get soooo creative making amazing costumes! I was just a gipsy and I put my costume together with stuff from my closet… nothing fancy!

Saturday morning I had the opportunity to do a small lecture to some runners at the lululemon showroom in Savannah! I’m very thankful for the opportunity they gave me to spread the message of health to our community, especially now that we are less than 2 weeks away from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon!

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Fuel Your Runs @lululemon                                         Sunday group run!

So my week of tapering went like this:


TUESDAY: 5 miles @8:46/mile + Pure Barre

WEDNESDAY: 7 miles @8:08/mile

THURSDAY: 6 miles @8:41/mile

FRIDAY: Yoga Basics at Savannah Power Yoga


SUNDAY: 8 miles with the Savannah Striders @8:48/mile



Next to come… Marathon recap!

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