MWM 11

Another recovery week is behind me… But now it seems that I’ll have a full month of recovery instead of just a couple of weeks.

On Monday I went for an easy 7 mile run and I felt fine but when I tried to do the same on Wednesday I ended up walking back home. The pain on the outside of my right knee was so intense that I couldn’t even jog. I iced it, used the foam roller and three days later, when the pain was gone, I tried to go again but the same thing happened.

I ended up going to see Ernie Ledezma, a great sports medicine doctor here in town, and he told me not to run for two weeks… That’s one of the worst things you can tell me, especially when I’m planning to run another marathon in two months.

Anyhow, this upcoming week I’ll be doing yoga, spinning, biking, upper body weights and I’m going to try to run on the Alter G, which is an anti-gravity treadmill that could actually help me recover.

Besides my knee situation, this past week was fun… I bought almost all the Christmas presents! I hate to go shopping when the stores are packed so I decided to get everything I couldn’t get online way in advanced. I also went with my friend Andrea to a wine tasting and a BBQ event that were part of the Savannah Food and Wine Festival Thursday night and then Saturday Bobby was doing a demo and a book signing at the festival too so I went there and had a blast hanging out with some friends.

IMG_8910 IMG_8911

IMG_8987 IMG_8967

Today I spent basically all day in bed and this is how my recovery week #2 went:

MONDAY: 7 miles @9:15/mile

TUESDAY: 2.45 miles walk + power yoga at Savannah Power Yoga

WEDNESDAY: 4.5 miles jog/walk @10:23/mile


FRIDAY: 4.3 miles jog/walk @10:10/mile



TOTAL MILEAGE: 18.25 miles


We’ll see what this upcoming week has for me…

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