MWM 17

These days have been a bit hectic.

We were in Santa Monica during the week and flew back home on the weekend… While in California I had 2 normal runs and a really bad one.

Long story short, because of a condition I have that I’ll share with you later, I’m supposed to be taking flax seed oil. I bought some 1000mg capsules and took the first one on Wednesday… After that everything is history.

I tried to go run an hour later and I was miserable. My stomach was hurting so bad that only half a mile in I had to stop and walk… I made it to 3 miles instead of the 6 I had planned just jogging and walking.

The next day I went out and it was ok… That’s the last time I got to enjoy this beautiful view… For now!


I also went to Moon Juice, a place I’ve been wanting to go for a long time. This shop sells all organic-vegan-raw juices and snacks that are to die for!!! It was so good that I had to go back and bought a few things to bring back home with me.

      IMG_4987              IMG_4988

The thing I was most excited about coming back home was to see our sweet little Coco Deen. I love her sooooo much is crazy! Bobby and I spent so much time talking about her while we were out of town… I need to bring her somewhere with me on a short flight and see how she behaves and then figure out if next time she can come to the West Coast with us.


Coco picking us up at the airport 🙂

So here’s how my week of training looked:

MONDAY: 6 miles @8:52/mile (4 x 30 sec. pick ups) + weights


WEDNESDAY: 3 miles @9:53/mile

THURSDAY: 6 miles @8:56/mile + weights



SUNDAY: 11 miles @9:43/mile


The only thing I skipped was a cross training session and those 3 miles I didn’t complete. I’m pretty proud of myself, especially because of our crazy schedule in LA and the 14 hours that we spent to get back home on a red eye + the jet lag that comes with it.

Today’s run wasn’t great either, definitely slower than what I wanted it to be. I went to run with the Savannah Striders and even though we started at 6:30 a.m. the heat and humidity here is just insane + I ran the bridge after at least 2 months and that hill is no joke… I just need to build my resistance and keep working on my speed!

BTW if you live in the Savannah area this Wednesday we start the Run, bootcamp, run at our local lululemon store. If you want more info let me know… I’ll be sharing everything on my Facebook page.

Have a great week CHIC@S!

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