MWM 19

What an AMAZING week ends today… These past days were filled with joy, happiness and great accomplishments!

There were 4 events in the past 7 days that completely filled my heart with joy:

  1. My dream of starting and leading any sort of free run club finally became a reality! My friend Kendra and I had our first session of Run, bootcamp, run lululemon Savannah’s official run club! After a few meetings we decided that we wanted to bring something different to the community so what we do every Wednesday is that we meet at the store at 6 p.m., run a mile to Forsyth Park, do a 20-30 min. bootcamp workout and then head back to the store where we have water and snacks… I thought that only a couple of people would show up and we were a group of 16! Can’t wait for this Wednesday’s run!


First Run, bootcamp, run group!

  1. The second fundraising event I’ve ever organized was a success! This is a long story so I’ll be making a post dedicated just to it because I really want to share my experience with you! Long story short, I jumped on a treadmill at our local lululemon store for 3 hours on Friday to raise funds for Team Racing 4 Veterans. My goal was to raise $500 and I raised $682! I teared up a couple of times… It was very emotional, but details on this coming your way later on 😉


Warming up before the long run

NOTE: At this point you may realize how much I love my lululemon team! I feel so fortunate to be an ambassador for such an amazing brand that is all about empowering people… They have given me sooo many wonderful opportunities in such a short period of time… Couldn’t be more thankful, and this is just the beginning!

  1. My parents are here visiting for a few weeks… Yay! I love when they come so the past couple of days with them have been amazing!


With mom <3

  1. We had a run/pool party with my running group at the house today and it was so much fun! I love running, not just because of the feeling of accomplishment the sport gives me, but because of all the great people that it has brought into my life through the years!!! We had a blast sharing and playing in a perfect summer morning!

IMG_5427IMG_5404 FullSizeRender  

Ok now let’s talk training! This week I didn’t skip any workout… Wooohooo! I had a 6 miler, two 7 milers and a 10 miler and since I was going to be in the treadmill for 3 hours I just combined the 10 with one of the 7. I did almost 19 easy miles and even though I walked and the beginning and the end and that the miles in the middle were easy it was a big challenge because I haven’t run more than 13 miles since November!

MONDAY: 7 miles @8:35/mile (6 x 30 sec. pick ups) + Yoga Flow

TUESDAY: Iron Bodies class

WEDNESDAY: 6 miles @9:12/mile + 2 miles and bootcamp @RBR

THURSDAY: Power Yoga + 8.4 miles biking

FRIDAY: 18.6 miles for the Team R4V Fundraiser





These next few weeks with family in town will be trickier to stay on track… I have my cousin’s bachelorette and then more family coming in! It’s all good stuff but I need to get organized and prioritize.

Have a wonderful week CHIC@S!

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