MWM 23

Last week I conquered my fear of running 18 miles! Last time I ran that far was back in November at the NYC Marathon but now that it’s behind me I can reassure to myself that everything is possible.

Surprisingly I felt great during the long run, which in part I attribute it to the weather since I was in California. We were there for a few days because Bobby was working and then I came home because I was hosting a shower for my sweet sister-in-law to be 🙂

I also had friends from school visiting for 4 days and we had a blast. It’s crazy how you can spend years without seeing or talking to someone and when they are TRULY your friends and you see each other is like time never passed by.

IMG_6405               IMG_6404

We cooked, ate, talked, laughed, cry and definitely soaked in every single second that life gave us together… Can’t wait to do it again!

Leaving in a foreign country makes it really hard to stay in touch with your friends but is worth it!

Here’s how my training went last week:

MONDAY: 6 miles @8:57/mile (6 x 3 min. hard) + weights


WEDNESDAY: 18 miles @8:48/mile

THURSDAY: Soul Cycle + weights

FRIDAY: 4 miles @8:58/mile




Now that my family and friends are gone is time to get back into my routine… Next week is September already so I’m about 2 months from race day!

Have a great week CHIC@S!

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