Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon 2014

It took me almost 2 weeks but here it is!

Five and ¾ days after running the NYC Marathon I ran the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Relay, which actually became a ½ marathon for me. This story doesn’t have a happy ending (spoiler alert!)… I ended up kind of injured and now I’m dealing with a full month of no running.

So for the past year I’ve known that I was not going to participate in the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon 2014 here in town because it was just five days after NY. Then I remembered there was a relay and I thought that It’d be so much fun to do it with Bobby!

So after months of asking him I finally convinced him… At the beginning he was going to do the first leg because it was shorter (6.2 miles vs. 6.9 miles) but then we agreed that if this was his first big race he had to cross the finish line, so he ended up doing the second leg!

Building up to the race I was too busy thinking about NY while Bobby trained for three weeks. His longest distance before this race has been 4 miles so he built up to 5.8 miles on the treadmill jogging and walking. Let’s keep in mind that he’s a super fit guy but what he does every day is run 3 miles on the treadmill and then lift weights.

Like last year, I went to work at the expo, this time at the Publix Savannah’s Women’s Half Marathon booth. I picked up our numbers and race t-shirts and the night before the big day I went to a friend’s house for the traditional pasta dinner.

I forgot to mention that I also got a bunch of throwaway clothes from Goodwill for Bobby and I and he was laughing at me! I told him that that’s what experienced runners do and asked him to trust me on this one… He did and then he was thanking me the whole morning!


We were so lucky that my friend Kelly got us a parking pass! If you’ve been in Savannah you can imagine that it can get pretty insane when there’s a 17,000 people trying to park in downtown.

So the big day came and we got up around 4:30 a.m. had coffee and my traditional pre-race breakfast: a slice of bread with nut butter and banana. Then we got dressed in our matching black and blue outfits (another thing I told Bobby: “if we’re a team we need to match”) and left the house.

We arrived at the starting line, drop our bag full of dried clothes and chocolate milk and hanged out with some of my running friends. Then I jumped in the corral, kissed my man good-bye and started running. I tried to push myself but to a certain limit because my hamstrings and quads were definitely feeling the pain from the very beginning. At least the temperature was perfect and I didn’t over-dress, which is very common for me.


I finished my 10K in 48 minutes and then decided to pace Bobby for his 6.9 miles. I stayed with him and we ran at a steady pace… This course is pretty flat but even with that I was very surprised that he NEVER stopped!!! I was so freaking proud of him!!! He took just one gel around mile 4 and he was running with a smile on his face the whole time. When you are used to running in the treadmill and you hit the pavement for 7 miles this is a huge accomplishment.


I can’t even explain you how happy I was when I saw him crossing the finish line and I was shocked that our combined time was only 1:55:13! The whole thing was kind of painful for me because clearly I haven’t recovered from my marathon, but I wouldn’t change a single second for anything in the world! Another great example that hard-work pays off and that we can all achieve whatever goals we have!

IMG_8858 IMG_8861

On Monday, Fleet Feet offered free medal engraving so I got both of our medals done and I also took advantage of it and engraved my NYC medal. Then my pain started and a week later I found out that I have IT band syndrome so I’m trying to take care of it to see if I can still run Charleston in January… Maybe I’ll do it to complete it without actually racing it, we’ll see!

Anyhow, this was another beautiful day here in the south full of music, smiles and PRs!

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