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Why You Should be a Girl Who LiftsPart 2: Reasons Why Lifting Weights is Awesome by Nat West

Now that I have debunked a few of the top myths associated with women lifting weights, it is time to move on to the fun stuff. Or, as this title suggests, the “awesome” stuff. We know the myths about weight lifting, so that boulder has been lifted from our shoulders. In this post, we talk about some of the positive, beneficial qualities and facts that the world of female lifting holds!

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Why You Should Be A Girl Who Lifts by Nat West

Thank you Claudia for having me on your blog. I can not wait to share my thoughts and information about lifting with your readers.

My favorite (and probably most used) “hashtag” on Instagram is by far #girlswholift . When you search this item, you are shown an overwhelming amount of inspirational pictures and quotes from females who partake in what is typically associated with a MAN’S sport…