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Find Your Inner PEACE

Last year while living in Chicago I ran into a girl I went to school with that was in the city just for the summer because her husband was doing an internship there (they live in Houston, TX.). All of you who live in a foreign country know how special is to find someone you know while being in a not-so-familiar place, so this girl and I (her name is Astrid) became really good friends in just a matter of months.

Thanks Aldo!

Last week was great! Tons of things going on at work, a lot of GOOD cooking and a cold but very friendly 3.5 mile race.

After the Boston Marathon I haven’t been running as much. That usually happens to me after a big race: I feel I need a break and start switching up my workouts (this time I started lifting weights more than usual). The tragic events that occurred on 04/15/13 have probably played a big role into my “lack” of running.