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MWM 18

Week 3 of marathon training is in the books!

These days were pretty busy settling down back in the house: lots of laundry, cleaning, working (new great project coming up soon!), etc.

I was really excited about our first session of Run, bootcamp, run (lululemon Savannah’s new run club) that I’m leading with a friend, but it rained. This is something I’ve always wanted to do: create and lead a free running club for the community I live in! The kick-off will be this Wednesday at 6 p.m. so if you live nearby definitely come check it out!

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I’m convinced that everything happens for a reason. The people we meet, the situations we find ourselves in, the places we live… EVERYTHING that comes into our lives has a purpose.

Over a month ago I received an e-mail from Devan, the face behind of LEAF+ROOT, telling me how much she enjoyed reading my posts and that she wanted to send me some of her products for me to try because she felt they were aligned with my philosophy of eating/living as close to the earth as possible.

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Connect + Create + Celebrate

I’m so excited to announce that my first workshop is finally here! I feel extremely blessed to be able to have the opportunity to educate others next to the wonderful Kendall Beene and Gretchen West.

If you are in Savannah, come join us for an unforgettable morning of yoga, juicing, and conversation. In this workshop, we will flow through an all-levels yoga class and learn the powerful benefits of juicing and blending. We’ll also develop effective tools to take the connections we make on the yoga mat with us out into the world.

Find Your Inner PEACE

Last year while living in Chicago I ran into a girl I went to school with that was in the city just for the summer because her husband was doing an internship there (they live in Houston, TX.). All of you who live in a foreign country know how special is to find someone you know while being in a not-so-familiar place, so this girl and I (her name is Astrid) became really good friends in just a matter of months.