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MWM 15

Last week was a good one… I started by training hard for my next big race and then we decided to go to Albany to visit Bobby’s daddy before the holidays.

I absolutely love going there! The drive is full of cotton fields and tiny little towns that make me feel like I’m on a movie set. We visited only for two nights but we had the best time! We ran errands, went out to eat and made endless fires with pinecones to keep the house warm. I love spending time with Bobby’s dad and his wife…

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T2T: Stephen Siller, An American Heroe

A few months back Bobby and I got asked to be the captains of the Tunnel To Towers Run in Savannah. We said yes right away because we are always very open to help and give back to our community and the people around us. After doing some research about what this run is really about, we were so moved that it has become a topic of conversation in our daily lives, especially today.


Dominique: An Inspirational Mom

A few weeks back an Instagram follower, sent me an email where she shared a little bit about her lifestyle changes. She seemed so passionate and genuine that I asked her if she wanted to write a guest post to share with all of you.

The story you are about to read is very inspirational and I know that a lot of women out there will feel identified with it.

Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon 2013

As I mentioned on a previous post my running goal for the end of 2013 was to PR in a half marathon during the Fall. I thought it was a good goal because, since I was getting married, moving to a different state, traveling with my husband and starting to study towards my health coach certification, training for a half marathon was going to require less time than training for a bigger race.

Find Your Inner PEACE

Last year while living in Chicago I ran into a girl I went to school with that was in the city just for the summer because her husband was doing an internship there (they live in Houston, TX.). All of you who live in a foreign country know how special is to find someone you know while being in a not-so-familiar place, so this girl and I (her name is Astrid) became really good friends in just a matter of months.