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Since most of us have physical goals for 2014, the super fit and healthy Nat Wester from Mean, Green, Clean-Eating Teen is sharing with us a workout that you can easily do at home! So no excuse! Let’s get back on track 🙂

Hello again! This is Natalie, back this time with an awesome workout.

It is January… the month of the typical New Years Resolutions. How many times have you committed yourself to “I am going to get fit!” or “I will loose weight and eat better!”?

Each year, thousands utter those very words, promising to become healthier and more athletic. But how many ACUTALLY follow through? Not many.

Perhaps a reason for this is the scary thought of going to a gym. Many people don’t like the idea of working out in front of others right off the bat. Or maybe, a gym membership is just too expensive for one’s budget right now.

No matter what the “reason” may be to not achieve these resolutions… they are NOT valid excuses!!

Below I have set up an easy, AT HOME workout that takes less than an hour to complete. All you need is a set of dumbbells and your own body! Now… try to find an excuse for this one! 😉


Workout Breakdown:

Start the workout with the “Starter”

Progress on to the curcuits. You will do each move in the circuit for 45 seconds, with 15 seconds rest. You complete each round 4x.

You use the Dumbbells on the fallowing movements:

Chest Press, Chest Fly, Neutral Chest Press, Chest Fly with Twist, and Pushup w Row.

How to do some movements you may not know:

Down Up Pushup: Start in a plank on your hands. One arm at a time, move to a plank on your forearms. Return to start and repeat.

Pushup With Row: With hands on Dumbbells right under shoulders, do a pushup. When you return to plank, row the dumbbells up, one side at a time.

Neutral Chest Press: Chest press with palms facing each other.

Plank with Leg In: In a plank position, bring one leg at a time in to your nose, crunching your abs. You can also bring the knee out to your side for a side ab crunch.

Chest Fly with Twist: Regular fly pattern, but twist your palms away from your face at the top and twist them to face eachother as you bring them down.

Thank you Claudia for the awesome workout featured on Clean Eating Teen, and for letting me share this workout with your readers! You rock , as always J

Have a great 2014 everyone, and remember… NO EXCUSES!


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